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Mission Impossible: Light Salt Action, Thriller, Spy, film starring by Arley Swaby...,,

Mission: Impossible story chronology
Main Series:
Mission: Impossible: The Beginning (1966)
Mission: Impossible (1996)
Mission: Impossible II (1999)
Mission: Impossible III (2002/2006)
Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2010)

Reboot Series:
Mission Impossible Reboot (film) (2016/2017)

Untitled Mission Impossible Reboot Sequel (???)(???/2019)

Spin-off Series:'
Mission Impossible Spin-off (film)


  • Arley Swaby As, Ethan Hunt (rumored)..,,
  • Chloe Walter As, Lisa Karen Pennyworth (rumored)..,,
  • Brandon Anderson As, Johnny Hunt-Meade (uncredited)..,, Ethan's Biological Son..,,,
  • Jasser Camacho As, (rumored)..,,
  • Luke Pennyworth As, Alan Walkins (villain)..,,
  • Ashley Swaby As, Cathy Matthews\Katy Macgallister (rumored)..,,
  • Alan Pennyworth As, Daddy Matthews (rumored)..,,
  • Casey Affleck As, Agent 2/Charlie (rumored).,,, Karen's Biological Son.,,,
  • Trenny Deanne Nelson As, Karen Goodall (rumored).,, Cathy's Stepmother
  • Terry Pennyworth As, young James.,,, (cameo only) [storyline with his family talks about him].,,

Flashbacks Casts[]

  • Nolberto Swaby as, Donald Hunt, Ethan's uncle.
  • Yanet Swaby as Brisaida Hunt, Ethan's 2nd cousin.


  • "Rock & Roll Queen" by Subways and performed by Universal Studio (AC/DC).,,
  • "The Plot" performed by Lelo Schifiit courtesy by Lalo Schifiit (Theme Mission Impossible)
  • "Letters in The Sky" performed by Sky Twlight courtesy by Sky Twlight