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Mission Impossible Spin-off Action, Adventure, Crime, film {{Infobox film|title1 = Mission Impossible: God Mission (film)|produced_by = Jordan McLean (producer)|starring = Arley Swaby|music_by = John Debney (music by)|year = Benji Dunn (2019) (2019 future era)|directed_by = J.J Abarms (director)}


  • Peterson Anderson, Sr. As, Charlie Goodall (villain).,,, enemy and former best friend of Ethan Hunt..,,
  • Lewin Solomon Sr. as Benji (mentioned)..,, Enemy of Ethan, from timeline to when he's dead.


  • "Rock & Roll Queen" performed by Subways composed by Johnny Cash from (AC/DC) Universal Studio
  • "Party Up (Up in Here)" performed by DMX and Ice Cube (AC/DC) From Paramount Pictures Studio
  • "Mission Impossible (Theme)" performed by John Powell courtesy by John Powell