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Lindsey Farris was an IMF agent trained by Ethan Hunt. She was also a daughter-like-figure to Ethan. During a mission she was captured by Owen Davian, who implanted an explosive charge in her head. She was rescued by Hunt and his team, but tragically died when the charge was activated and exploded.


Early Life and IMF Career[]

Lindsey Elisabeth Farris was born in Nexa, Missouri on March 23rd, 1983 and joined the Impossible Missions Force in 2003 and was trained by mentor and friend Ethan Hunt, who had retired from field work and was dealing with Nyah Nordoff-Hall's death. Hunt taught her the Filipino martial arts of Eskrima and developed a father and daughter like relationship. Becoming a skilled agent, she eventually was given a mission on May 2006 to investigate arms dealer Owen Davian. Before being captured, she mailed her mentor a postcard with information telling him that Theodore Brassel was working with Davian as a mole, but John Musgrave is later revealed to be the mole in Shanghai.

Capture and Death[]

During a mission, she was captured by Owen Davian and was implanted with a explosive charge in her head. IMF agent Musgrave informs Hunt of her capture, and picked his team members to rescue her, Declan Gormley, Zhen Lei, and his old partner Luther Stickell.

Hunt rescues Farris and two have to shoot their way through Davian's henchman. Getting to the helicopter, Hunt learns that Farris has a explosive charge in her head and tries to disarm it. While trying to do so, the explosive is activated, killing her instantly. Hunt, shocked and saddned, tearfully holds his protégé. Farris was returned to IMF and later buried in an unknown location.