The Kiev Mission was a mission conducted by the Impossible Mission Force to interrogate Gennady Zoismov.


In 1996, Ethan Hunt, Phelps' protege, and the IMF were in Ukraine working on mission: a disguised Hunt was interrogating a Russian agent who has been tricked by the team into thinking he murdered fellow IMF agent Claire Phelps, Phelps' wife. Claire has been given a drug to make her appear dead but the team doesn't have much longer before Claire will be beyond reviving. The Russian gave up a name which is verified, and he is drugged and taken away. Claire is revived, asking if the ruse was successful; Ethan assured her it was.


Timeline of Events in Mission: Impossible
1961 - Operation Rogosh
1966 - Operation Nikita
1968 - Dr. Nekhorvich Rescue Mission
1989 - Biocyte Takeover
1996 - Kiev Mission - NOC List Recovery
1999 - Chimera Mission
2002 - Death of Nyah Nordoff-Hall
2006 - Operation Rabbit's Foot
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