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John C. McCloy is the former CEO of Biocyte Pharmaceuticals and business partner to Sean Ambrose.


Early Life and Carrer[]

Jonathan Chaddock "John" McCloy was born in Manchester, England on September 30th, 1952 and during his teenagehood, he attended a private school in Berkshire. He later educated at the University of Edinburgh where he received a master's degree in Political Science and became one of the biggest businessmen in England.

In 1989, McCloy managed a hostile takeover of the pharmaceutical firm Biocyte in Australia, becoming its CEO, and became the boss of Vladimir Nekhorvich. He also continued a secret project called "Project Chimera" in an unofficial capacity, manufacturing the Chimera virus.

He met former Impossible Missions Force agent Sean Ambrose and the two became business partners.

Exposing Project Chimera and Arrest[]

On March 1999, a few days before the Chimera Mission, McCloy injected Dr. Gradsky with the Chimera virus. After Nekhorvich's death Ambrose met McCloy a horse racing event to purchase Chimera and its cure from him, but he doesn't manage to secure the deal.

In Sydney, Ethan Hunt and his team kidnapped McCloy to force him to give up Bellerophon and managed to get some vital info. However, they learn that the only samples of Bellerophon were taken by Nekhorvich, and now Ambrose had them. As a result, Ambrose forced McCloy to exchange a sample of the virus for a sample of Bellerophon.

Later, Ambrose met McCloy on Bare Island and forced him to accept the money and almost seizes the virus when Hugh appears with Ethan. McCloy witnessed Ambrose's killing of 'Ethan', who in reality was Hugh Stamp and escaped from the island when Ethan attacked the facility and later killed Ambrose.

Afterwards, McCloy is arrested for his involvment of creating the Chimera virus, due to the project being exposed by Ethan Hunt, and Biocyte is shut down for good.