Franz Krieger was a French helicopter expert pilot, former member of the Impossible Mission Force and brief member of the Syndicate. He served as the secondary antagonist of Mission: Impossible.


Early Life

Franz Krieger was born in Nice, France on June 30th, 1947. At the age of twenty-one, Krieger joined the French Secret Service and remained a member for sometime. After leaving the French Secret Service, Krieger met Impossible Mission Force agent Jim Phelps and they became good friends.

Krieger joined the IMF and became a pilot for the agency.

Meeting Ethan Hunt

In 1996, Roderick Quinn, a member of the Syndicats disguised as Phelps, teamed up with Krieger and Phelp's wife, Claire Phelps, to kill three members of the IMF (Jack Harmon, Hannah Williams and Sarah Davies) and frame Phelps' protege, Ethan Hunt. It was where Krieger unoffically joined the Syndicate.

Ethan recruited Luther Stickell and Krieger and they infiltrated CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, steal the real list, and fleed to London.

It was revealed that Krieger had killed the other IMF members on the Prague job, but remains unsure whether Claire was involved.


At London


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