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Episode Guide[]

Mission Begining = It's the begining of their mission, Mr.Evol Niffum (Bad Guy) tries to harm them.

Mission Party = They have a big mission, but Luna got shot into a party person by Mr. Esuom Evol accidently, so she wants to go to a party. Can Mackenzie shoot her back to sense?

Mission Unstoppable =

Mission Funeral

Mission Mackenzie = Mackenzie has to to make a big descision. She either has to go back to New York, or from that day never be born. Will she change her name or loose the game?

Mission Luna

Mission Serious

Mission Brave

Mission Wimpy Kid

Mission HammerTime

Mission Love Muffin = People find out that Mr. Evol Niffum's name backwards is "Mr. Love Muffin," so they tease him. Due to the humiliation, he joins sides with Mackenzie and Luna. Will this end in friendship, loyalty, and trust or TOTAL disasture?

Mission A.N.A. = Anti-New York Agency. Mackenzie, Luna, and Mr. Evol Niffum are hired to work at A.N.A.. Soon they find out that A.N.AN is really a agency to destroy New York, will they find away to stop A.N.A. or will A.N.A. take over NEW YORK