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Dan Briggs was the founder and team leader of the Impossible Missions Force and a former veteran of the United States Army's G-2 (Intelligence) section.


Early Life[]

Daniel David Briggs was born in San Francisco, California circa 1922.

Military Career[]

He joined the United States Army's G-2 section and was honorably discharged with the grade of lieutenant colonel. During World War II, he was the commanding officer of a wartime unit, unofficially known as Briggs's Squad, that performed complex missions for the United States armed forces. Barney Collier, Rollin Hand and three others were members of the squad.

Founding the IMF[]

After the war, Briggs rounded up members of his former team (some of whose personnel were believed to have turned to crime) and pulled them together to perform missions for the US Government. This new team became an independent covert-operations agency and was renamed the Impossible Mission Force, "IMF" for short, and Briggs was named as both its founding Director and the team captain of the mission team called the "I.M. Force".

As the IMF Team Leader, his primary role was as the mastermind behind the operation, but when a job required it he could act as a supporting character. He his team though various operation, notably Operation Rogosh in 1961, where Briggs and his team had only 36 hours to trick a cunning mass murderer/foreign agent named Imre Rogosh into telling them how he intended to kill thousands of people in the Los Angeles area.

In 1963, he took on a United States Marine solider called Jim Phelps, who later became the point-man of the IMF team.