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This article illustrates the wide range of character appearances throughout the Mission: Impossible Cinematic Universe.


A character makes an appearance during the story. A character is killed off during the story. A character makes a cameo appearence and has a little screen time for the substantial influence they had on the narrative. A character is impersonated by an another character. A character makes a posthumous appearence, e.g. as a grave. A character appears in a flashback or in a vision. A character's exsitence was mentioned.

Recurring characters[]

Film: Mission: Impossible: The Beginning Mission: Impossible Mission: Impossible II Mission: Impossible III
Main event: Operation Nikita Kiev Mission/NOC List Recovery Chimera Mission Death of Nyah Nordoff-Hall/Operation Rabbit's Foot
Year: 1966 1996 1999 2002/2006
Jim Phelps
Dan Briggs
Ethan Hunt
Luther Stickell
Benji Dunn
Claire Phelps
Franz Krieger
Eugene Kittridge
Jack Harmon
Sarah Davies
Hannah Williams
John Waltzer
Nyah Nordoff-Hall
Sean Ambrose
Vladimir Nekhorvich
John C. McCloy
Hugh Stamp
Billy Baird
Julia Meade
Owen Davian
John Musgrave
Declan Gormley
Zhen Lei
Lindsey Farris
Melissa Meade