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The Biocyte Takeover was a hostile takeover staged by ruthless British bussinessman John C. McCloy in 1989 to acquire Biocyte Pharmaceuticals and take over Project Chimera.


McCloy managed a hostile takeover of the pharmaceutical firm Biocyte in Australia, becoming its CEO, and became the boss of Vladimir Nekhorvich. He also continued a secret project called "Project Chimera" in an unofficial capacity, manufacturing the Chimera virus.


In 1999, McCloy was arrested for his involvment of the takeover as well as creating the Chimera virus and Biocyte was shut down for good.

Timeline of Events in Mission: Impossible
1961 - Operation Rogosh
1966 - Operation Nikita
1968 - Dr. Nekhorvich Rescue Mission
1989 - Biocyte Takeover
1996 - Kiev Mission - NOC List Recovery
1999 - Chimera Mission
2002 - Death of Nyah Nordoff-Hall
2006 - Operation Rabbit's Foot